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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Farkas Alpha - 7 Days to go!

Amazon are right on time with my email recommendations! 7 days to go and they send me this...

Just for me. The author of the book. I thought they knew who I was... anyway, it's nice they're thinking of me. I wonder how many more people got Farkas Alpha in their emails?

I digress... I really enjoyed writing this sci-fi series, I was able to do so many things with these that I hadn't done before... the concept of each book in terms of environment and character space, the colours and concept of the covers, the layers of character development (wow, there's just too much that I can put into words... I guess that's why I wrote them in the way I did). 

Anyway, after receiving this email, I could go and buy my own book... but it would be better if you did! Come and get Farkas Alpha!

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