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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Reif's Return set for 4th of January 2021!

Gubacsi Dulu received its 55th rating... a 3 star... well, at least it wasn't a 2 or a 1! 3 stars is still like "What's your problem?" but hey! ...And where did the reviews go? It's all 'hit'n'run ratings nowadays. ...and more Russian BOTs... but  now the MAIN news...

Over a month earlier than I'd previously planned, Reif's Return, the 4th book in my Humanity H2O series (and final one, honestly), will come out as an ebook on the 4th of January 2021!

It will answer all those nagging little questions the readers had from the books before - and probably create some new ones... but there's always another series. Even now I realise there are some 'loose end' characters which can have a new life of their own. There are a few from this latest book, but also others from before.

Anyway! You HAVE to read the 4th! Reif's Return! Pre-Order to start 2021 with the answers!

2358 AD. Police Officer Karina Reif is dead. Or is she? Coming to in the laboratory above Farkas Alpha, Karina tries, with all she has, to take control of her new life and find out exactly what has been happening around her and why. Will she find the answers she seeks? A claustrophobic, subtly humorous, psychotic future of people who no longer know why.

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