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Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas, BOTs! + Jesse Tate & 'Tenet'

Yep, the blog got hit by BOTS yesterday, all from Russia. Why do I even bother with this? 

Next idea... now that I've written a great 4-book sci-fi series that I'm happy to share with the world... maybe it's time to write it up as a film! If there's one sci-fi series that deserves a 4-part film series, it's this one, isn't it? Great look, intrigue, some action, a lot of thinking... rather like some Christopher Nolan movie... better than Tenet... I'm going to analyse that movie and find out why I think it doesn't work - maybe I'll find out it does! But this is what I'm talking about... 

'Tenet Thought Experiment: Everything Wrong with Nolan's Time Travel" -

And of course, the initial film review...

(These are done by Jesse Tate, great thinker!

...And Gubacsi Dulu got its 54th rating... a 5 star! THANK YOU, whoever you are, you give me hope!

Humanity H2O!

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