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Saturday, February 27, 2021

4th rating for Reif's Return! ANOTHER 5 star!

 Yes, they're slowly coming in, ratings, and on, there are now FOUR 5 star ratings. THANK YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE! I guess once readers get to book 4 of a 4-book series, they kinda like it! :-) 

However, there are no reviews on, but there are on other Amazion sites, a 5 star review from the UK and a 4 star review from Australia (from the Top 1000 reviewer ... I think she gave the books 3,3,4,4.

So on COM = four 5 ratings, UK = one 5 review and one 4 rating, AUS = one 4 review. They all 'live' on Amazon separately. Together they make five 5 star and two 4 star (7 total). Damn good.

Anyway, I DO HAVE a NEW book out. My Beta readers say it's even better than Humanity H2O, book 1 of The Bohatch Chronicles, "Under the Shade of thr Sun"... yes, a strange title. I already have an idea what book 2 is about... yes, I also like a surprise!

And, of course, Humanity H2O!

Humanity H2O! (the singles)

Humanity H2O (together as one)

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