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Friday, February 26, 2021

15th rating (and REVIEW) for Radnoti X! Plus Goodreads Goodies! (Ratings of Humanity H2O)

Otto Neely read book 2, Radnoti X! He gave it 4 stars (which is still FANTASTIC in my opinion) and also gave a review. THANK YOU, SIR!

Yes, Radnoti X is based in a mine, which is rather like a labyrinth, and so I wanted A LOT of twists and turns in the story. A few readers have also said this book is an 'extra', but if you get to Reif's Return, you'll see it is an essential part of the story. Anyway... read it, love it, review it!

I occasionally go over to Goodreads to see if anything happened, maybe I can correlate some ratings on Amazon with those on Goodreads, and lo and behold, there were some new ratings of Humanity H2O! And from one person in particular! THANK YOU, ROBERT A FRANKEN!

It's so nice to get good ratings!!

So... NEW BOOK! COME AND GET IT! Please get it, read it, review it, recommend it!

And, of course, Humanity H2O!

Humanity H2O! (the singles)

Humanity H2O (together as one)

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