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Saturday, February 6, 2021

5 star for Gubacsi Dulu - 64th rating!

I'd like to thank someone for reading Radnoti X on KENP :-) ....any chance of a review? (a good one?) AND for the latest rating on Gubacsi Dulu... a 5 star! THANK YOU whoever you are! Still stuck at 3.7 but now with 40% 5 stars! Yes!

As I said before, it seems the book is moving towards its audience, which is excellent! I'd rather people read the books and enjoyed them than have some allergic reaction to them due to their own prejudices, expectations and narrow-mindedness.

'Under the Shade of the Sun' is slowly coming along, I had a little 'hiccup' this week, trying to work out a few problems in the plot, but I think I have them sorted now.

And as I always say...

Humanity H2O! So, you think it's just fiction, huh?

Or get the whole set in ONE!

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