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Sunday, February 7, 2021

5 star + 4 star for Gubacsi Dulu - 65th + 66th rating!

Coming fast today... another two fantastic ratings for Gubacsi Dulu! A 4 star rating, THANK YOU!... and then a 5 star rating! THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE! You keep me writing, you know that... (yes, you are culprit!) The last 5 ratings for GD... 5,5,5,4,5! Oh my!

I was able to get moving again on the new book, with these new ratings to spur me on! And it's so invigorating to watch the character come to life... I just wanna share what I have so far... but I can't because it might change before I finish!

So I have to wait... well, write and write... and dream...

My dream is for Humanity H2O to be a BIG success. It's been a success for me, such a big one personally, but when someone asks me "Hey, so how many have you sold?" the best I can say is "More than ever before!"

Humanity H2O! Recommend it to those you know, those you love and those you care about.

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