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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

New Article on 'Chris the Story Reading Ape's Blog!' + Tweet 'storm'

Excellent! I have another article on 'Chris the Story Reading Ape's Blog'! Thank you Chris!

This is bascially a short piece on how writers can plan a series and try to get sales and those wonderful little Amazon Orange Banners. It's a nice little read, maybe it'll get some interest and comments. Go and have a read!

AND... recently I've been giving a little time to Twitter, that 'kinda dead area' for me, and... some activity, 'Likes' in double figures for a 'slightly' outrageous statement. Another guy went off on a 5-6 tweet pro-my statement rant after this, but I think they've been taken down by the Twitter Police.

And... while we're waiting for some success from that, you can read or recommend my new series... sorry? What was that? It's name? Oh, yes, it's...

Humanity H2O! The truth, the future, the now, the past, the forever...!

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