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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Gubacsi Dulu - 5 star rating! (63rd rating)

Although it may be a quiet period at the moment (this week), Gubacsi Dulu received its 63rd rating... which was a 5 star! (26th 5 star) THANK YOU! In a week where nothing much is happening, this is like a heart-warmer. Really. "Whoever you, wherever you're from, you should know by now your behaviour is..." EXCELLENT! (Guess the reference in quotation marks).

Ah, it's soooooo good to see Gubacsi Dulu move up to an average of 3.7! But the greatest thing is, someone gave the time to read the book and rate it. THAT, I think is a wonderful thing in this time and age, where freedom of choice (within certain civilised parameters) is wide and varied.

Humanity H2O! The truth is still out there! Don't you think the rich are devouring you from the inside out?

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