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Monday, February 1, 2021

Reif's Return... Yet again No.1 New Release ?!?

I have no idea how or why, but Reif's Return (book 4) received No.1 New Release YET AGAIN!

Really, no idea, Amazon has been quiet for a few days. Maybe there's something I can't see...

And now today, it's dropped to No.2, taken over by a book which is NOT Steampunk... how can a book which is clearly not Steampunk get through the Amazon publishing process without being spotted? Mmmm... and... is it a book? 10 pages I'd call a pamphlet. But hey, Reif's Return was No.1! Again! Yeah!

And now, after many days of thinking, I finally know where the NEW book is going. I think it WILL be a new series but with separate stories with the same character. So, one book at a time, not the craziness which was... wait, what's that? Yes, it's...

Humanity H2O... emerge yourself into the world of the future/now...!


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