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Friday, February 5, 2021

New Book Cover Reveal! (Well, why not? Other people do it...)

 A few days of silence... I'm not used to it, being back in the darkness. In January 2021, I only had 3 days where nothing happened: sales, reviews, KENP, and now as I move into February, back into the desert of the literary wilderness...BUT, saying that, a sale! (Thank you!) and some pages read in KENP!!! :-)

I do have something to show, though, 33% through writing the new book and I have a cover! Simple but I think that if this could be my next, and I have complete control (though not of any success) then why not do... this! ...Looks like some album I know well...

Any comments would be nice, but the story itself is in the same style as Humanity H2O, one POV, not being able to know anything from some omnipotent narrator... you'll need to use your brain again and hopefully it's also entertaining to read!

If you still haven't felt this in action, go and get Humanity H2O now! BEFORE the prices go up! (They're now $1.99 they'll go up to $2.99 very soon) because something else is going to happen)

Humanity H2O!

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