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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

NEW Book published! "Under the Shade of the Sun"!

 And just like that! Under the Shade of the Sun is published! Yeah, I didn't go for Pre-Order this time, maybe the second book...

Here's what a few of my Beta readers said (taken from the Foreword)


Fantastic book! I was mesmerised by the story. I just couldn't put it down. Every chapter had something new and exciting in it. There are tons of mysteries waiting for the reader to solve or find the answers to. The end is simply mind-blowing! A complete surprise. I expected many things to happen, but definitely not that. 

And this is also one of the funniest books I've ever read. Full of great jokes and references. (And I'm sure there are some more references which I didn't even notice.) The whole story shows the writer's brilliant humour and knowledge. I especially loved reading this book because I'm a big war film and book fan. From all the war books I've read, this is now probably my favourite. Mysterious, funny, exciting and easy to read—I'll definitly have to read the second book!

I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU! to Dani J. Caile for writing this outstanding book and allowing me to read it.


It was so nice of Dani to continue writing in the universe of Humanity H2O, and to write a tribute to soldiers who fought in the wars and also war films which depict them… but did he really have to put bugs in it?? I have entomophobia! Someone should give me an award or something—name a bridge after me. I suffered through the whole book. I got the heebie-jeebies. My dad thought I had an epileptic seizure. I am not joking! I HATE bugs! 

Other than that it was a good book! For the first 10 chapters I thought it is about the military... and bugs. Then suddenly I am jumping up and down the couch and shouting: RUN, Bohatch, RUN! Crazy what writers make us do, right? Dani is the only one who can make me do this! I am truly looking forward to this new series. I’d like to thank Dani for the sleepless—but bug-filled— nights! 


Under the Shade of the Sun

Please get it, read it, review it, recommend it!

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