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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

69th rating for Gubacsi Dulu (5 star REVIEW) + 8th rating for Farkas Alpha! (4 star)

The 69th! Is a 5 star for Gubacsi Dulu! And there's a review which promises more! THANK YOU Otto Neely!!!!! I just love the title of this review!!!

And the 8th rating appears for Farkas Alpha on and it's a 4 star! THANK YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE! 4 is the new 5? If you look at the picture, you'd think so... hey, is Farkas Alpha giving the finger? To civilisation, maybe.

So, my Beta Readers have read the latest book and given their thumbs up! Running through the process of publishing it and it'll soon be up to buy! Maybe I can get my friendly neighbourhood Spiderman to help me out  with a shout through the grapevines... without him I am nothing! 

But before then...

Humanity H2O! (the singles)

Humanity H2O (together as one)


Under the Shade of the Sun

Please get it, read it, review it, recommend it!

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