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Sunday, April 11, 2021

NEW Book #free - sitting at No.20... (2nd day!)

 As you know, I'm TRYING to get my NEW BOOK out there, so it's FREE (this is the 2nd day, the 12th of April 2021)... here's the link  if you're thinking of downloading it or recommending it and supporting my work BY REVIEWING OR RATING because YOU are CLEVER enough to read it and UNDERSTAND it...(And maybe even pre-order the 2nd!)  I really NEED GOOD ratings from GOOD people! I need reviews PRETTY SOON, too! That's why I'm doing this. Things are happening... yes, they are. I already have a (censored) and a (censored) - sorry, but without reviews I can't say!

It's also in the 'charts'... not so great but it's there, in the Children's Science-Fiction books (why is it for children? Am I setting the books up wrong?)

Also got a GREAT BLOG POST from Chris the Story Reading Ape! Thank you Chris!

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