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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Radnoti X and the Misconception called Freedom (+12th rating!)

Slowly but surely, more ratings are coming in. A review would be nice because these ratings are anonymous... no one to point the finger at! No, really, a review shows me where people's heads are... but another 3 star rating? Thanks, better than a 2 or a 1, and honest, too. That's what really matters. Being honest with yourself. (Can't these people see I've created a mirror?) 

Radnoti X is Book 2... Realisation... of what? That FREEDOM is a misconception in the reality of civilisation, a carrot to hang over our heads. Although Karina escaped her situation on Gubacsi Dulu, she was immediately 'imprisoned' on Radnoti X by the system, by civilisation, by others, by herself. We make ourselves prisoners. That is the 'realisation'. As that last review mentioned 'Lord of the Flies' in Space. Anyway...

Working on the second series, a spinoff about Bohatch, pre-Karina Reif. It's interesting to be able to do a war film type story. So many references, so many little gems... though where it's going (only I know).

So, while you're waiting, try and find the references and gems in these! Humanity H2O!

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