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Thursday, December 1, 2022

'How to' 3 - coming not so soon!

Is my writing career slow at the moment? Yes! I posted TWICE in November, and basically had two sales. Excellent... 

A few other things happened this month, too, but it's best not to disclose those. 

On another theme, I had the thought of finally writing 'How to' 3, and mentioned it to the publisher... they haven't spoken to me since. I have a few ideas for the book but not enough yet. But it seems the publisher isn't ready to accommodate me on that, anyway. 

So, to help me out... please go and buy, read and rate these books, maybe even review them! They are my food of existence. Without them, I am but a mere grain of sand in the 'Amazon' desert, an unknown author without sustenance.

There's also my NEW book, In the Midst of Fools available, book 1 of Marika's Quest. If you haven't had a go, why not read it on KENP? Yes, it was 'No.1 New Release' for a few days. A few.

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