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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ex-girlfriend nightmares

In `Bethlehem Fiasco`, there`s a few mentions of a type of girl I once knew, but now, coming to think of it, it can go so much further.
We were once watching a comedy film from her native country, with English subtitles, and I laughed. I then received a lecture on how I couldn`t laugh because I wasn`t native, I had no idea where the joke had come from, no idea what was behind the joke, and being English I would never understand the joke.
Whenever we went for a walk, I had to walk 2m ahead of her, and not look back. I wasn`t allowed to give her complements or any sign of affection in public. I wasn`t allowed to show that I was actually with her, but I had to pay for everything.
She was so nice before I found her a place to work in England...silly me.
I caught up with her 10 years after, and mentioned a few things she did, and she 1. blocked me on facebook, 2. told me that I had a black heart, 3. said that I must be wrong in the head to think like that 4. etc.etc.etc... 9. that I must be very sad to feel like that about her after 10 years. I see it as part of my life, nothing more.
Ooo, but can`t you see? So much more material waiting for me :-)
Have you had a nightmare girlfriend? I`ve had a few...

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