Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Reviews of 'Man by a tree' today

Two from YouWriteOn,com...
"I almost removed this assignment as I'm not usually into comedy, but then started reading and became hooked, which must be a good sign. This was an entertaining read, with a lot of well-judged humour. I like the short chapters which keep the pace going."

"I have to commend you for your interpretation and wonderful imagination. It is very refreshing to read a comical, escapism piece now and again....Your style and expression was good, although I personally feel that it would benefit from a little more descriptive, atmospheric explanation. This would give so much more to your work. Enjoyed it. Thank you."

And a short one on
" Wow love it, so easy to get in to and love the short chapters, backed and highly stared."

Strange that some people love the short chapters and others hate them...

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