Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5th review of 'Rage' on

Just got my 5th review on This guy has given me my first 2-star for my setting of Atlantis, and so an overall score of 3.5, which I think is harsh from the good things he said about it. Just cutting out the good bits, as he has a problem with my Chapter length and the Atlantis setting. What people don't get is that they are not 'chapters' in my books but 'scenes in time', like a movie. Anyway, here are the good bits...

"I was drawn into for story from the very start. I like stories that just go right into the action and don’t dally on a descriptive ‘scene setting exercise’ to start."
"I’m warming to the protagonists well at this point – a little way in – and I like the pace and, so far, the structure of this piece. I wonder where it will go"
"I do like the pictures your have painted in my head...I like your narrative voice and most of the pace and structure."

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