Monday, August 27, 2012

Novelette 3rd read-through

I'm amazed, this blog now has over 2000 views (2101 actually)...but still not many sales of the books. Just got a bunch of 'Rage' books (3rd book) in to sell to acquaintances. Finally, more people will read the book!!! I wonder how they will take it? Last time I read the whole story, there was a special 'edge' to it. Similar to the 1st, as silly as the 2nd, but it has a certain 'edge' to the writing. I was in a strange frame of mind around the time I wrote it, Marilyn Manson was my favourite music at the time...says it all.
...Been driving around East Europe for a few years now. I think Tesco must be selling driving licences.
Oh, the it through a 3rd time, still found things to correct / change. Maybe I should read it through one more time...But it's damn good!

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