Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guide to 'Rage' 3 - Oediouspelus + Plagamus

Oediouspelus and Plagamus are a mix of many politicians. There are two main figures for each, though they are also parts of others, too.
(I've had to censor this post, as all stories are fiction and not based on real people or events, etc. :-) Yeah, right.
First and foremost, Oediouspelus is ......, a Prime Minister and a 'man of the people'. He is the only PM in .......... history who uses informal speech. He also treats his citizens like goldfish with short attention spans, and for his followers, he's not far off. For example, only a week ago, he blamed the EU for getting us in this needed huge loan mess with the IMF. What he forgot to say was that he was the one who got his country into the bad situation with the EU in the first place, therefore losing all financial backing from the EU, and getting the country into deep shit with the IMF.
Secondly, Oediouspelus is ..........., the man who walked away from a very stinky historical event. His father was not only President, but also Head of 'a special operations force'. And he always had his hands in the oil business. Something went on there, I'm telling ya. And he walks away a 'hero'. Are people dumb or what?
Firstly, Plagamus is ............, ex-President, accused of genocide in a war. Trials are still ongoing for some former leaders.
Secondly, Plagamus is ........., a resigned President. The reason he resigned? It was found that his dissertation was in fact a 100% word-for-word translated copy of a dissertation by someone else. So, after receiving his degree, he had 20 years of rising up in the ranks of sports committees and politics, all based on a lie.
In my book 'Rage' Oediouspelus and Plagamus make a deal with Satan for immortality, something he can't actually give...

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