Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Hair" ain't where it's at! RANT

"That's about us, isn't it?"
Probably the greatest quote yet, from an acquaintance.
All my books are about 'us'. We are continuing the mistakes of our forefathers, we know no different. There is nothing left for us to do...yeah, right. There have been many civilisations and societies since our race dominated this spherical lump of dust and gas. Maybe that's the point, our race doesn't see the 'big' picture, lost in their lives perpetually repeating all around them. We can stop this. Read my books. Understand that this is not IT. As Zappa said "Hair ain't where it's at!" He wasn't talking about 'hair', well, maybe he was, but the point is this isn't it. We can be better than just selfish little monkeys hurting/killing each other to be best. There is no best, there is no worst, there is no anything. We are on a lump of matter orbiting an energy source in an infinite space/time. We are lucky to be here. We should do something about it. We should help each other. We should stop pissing around with religion, politics, war, money, and feel our responsibilities towards each other instead of trying to rip each other off, which is what we are all doing. Take a stand, be responsible for yourself and the environment around you. And while you're at it, read my books :-)

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