Thursday, April 11, 2013

7000 hits and 40,000 'Manna-X' words

Thank you to all who've 'hit' me - not literally. Thank you to all those who've read my blog posts, 7000+ today! I'm also ill, so I'm lying down, typing this post, and working on 'Manna-X', which is healing nicely, thank you (Zappa quote there, if ya didn't notice). 40,000 words so far. Still quite a bit to write up and even 'think' about, too. I'm looking for 50,000+ insane words.
So, what is it really about, this 'Manna-X'? It's about desires and their immediate conflicts with the world around them. The book is AGAIN heavy on dialogue, but isn't that what life is about? Communication and its struggle, success, failure?
The book is also crazy. I know it's turned me crazy. I hope that when I read it in the editing stage that I'll find it makes sense....
The first parts are up on, I updated them only the other day...
What? Okay, okay, writing already...
Check out 'The Next Big Thing' post, too, for more info :-) 

And I have another 55 worder on Austin Brigg's site...not that it does a lot of good, but hey.
Also entered a 99 word contest with 'Girl from the East Country' (JJ Burnel reference there (Snow Country))

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