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Friday, April 12, 2013

'Trilogy' review on

Got a review for the 'Trilogy'! First one...of more, I hope. 4 stars...Hey, can't be bad! At least there's some movement going on!

I just realised, if I sell 1000 ebooks (or 500 Trilogies) in one month, I can just get by on bread and water. So, how many did I sell in March? I'm embarrassed to even say :-(

Anyhow, here's a copy of the review...:-)

4.0 out of 5 stars Three in one 12 April 2013
By Tom - Published on
Format:Kindle Edition
Three books in one for a couple of quid. Bit of a bargain really. So did I enjoy them? Yes I did. - I've done them separately and there's an average of 4.3333 recurring stars

Man by a tree
This is going to be a marmite book, either something you like or something you hate. I happen to be the former. I like weird books where you have no idea what the hell (quite literally in some cases) is going on and then everything makes sense when all the story threads tie together, though you have to pay careful attention to some things.

Bethlehem Fiasco
A satire set in biblical times! I remember the controversy over Life of Brian, so I'm going to give it 5 stars because there will be people out there who will give it 1 because of its content. Things have to balance out in a zen sort of way.

Rage of Atlantis
I found this a bit strange, the subject matter is quite dark (the people's behaviour depressingly is all too familiar to real life) and yet the style of writing is quite humorous. E.g. I've never read a book before where Satan is caught having a poo. I did have difficulty visualising Atlantis at some points and at times I was thinking - who is this again? But stick with it, everything comes together in the end.

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