Saturday, April 13, 2013

Great pic + Comment on 'Manna-X'...:-)

Nice little photo, huh? Another satisfied customer :-) (


Got a nice comment on the first 6 chapters of 'Manna-X' are parts of those comments:-)

I absolutely adore what you've written so far. It's fast-paced, witty, and hooks you right from the beginning. You've obviously done some editing because it's very clean. The only critique I can offer is that during some of your dialogue in the second chapter, there is very little prose to indicate who is talking after awhile. It works because of the quick pace of your story, but it could get confusing.
Brilliant job!
L. Kolozak I have to be clearer with the Dobs (now called Bobs) :-) Will fix that.

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