Friday, April 12, 2013

'Man by a tree' Part 1 revisited

'Man by a tree' revisited. The first few sentences of a book are VERY important. I noticed after I'd updated it some months ago, it wasn't so good. Now I've corrected it. It's going through the process now, will be ready tomorrow :-)
It's always difficult to get that first bit correct, and it was THE first writing I'd done for 20 years. It was difficult to touch it, but now, after a year of writing it, I think it's better. Of course, it's meant to be a parody of its genre...:-)

Day One 

The storm had raged all night, rivers filled the drains, water covered roads. Just as he was told it would. Wind blew trees in unison, and whistled through leaves. The streets were deserted.
Emerging into the night, Kailen popped his tiny spiky features and beady little dark eyes out through the smallest of crevices in the pavement, followed by a flickering of wings, thin body, spindly legs and hairy feet. With one big push, Kailen the hobgoblin shot up into the dark sky, breaking sheets of falling rain. He flew higher, struggling over the apartment blocks, past the skyscrapers, illuminated by the occasional lightning bolt. He was looking for that promise of a ride.

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