Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blog hits versus Sales?

With over 10,000 hits on my blog now I was thinking, if I had that many sales, I'd be a very happy person for 2 reasons.
The 1st reason is that there would be a lot more readers who gave my style of writing a CHANCE and so gave THEMSELVES a chance to grow, to move away from the CLONE LITERARY MARKET - they want you to buy what they make, they're easy to make, they're formulaic, they keep your brain DEAD for future sales. The CLONE LITERARY MARKET wants you to STAY DUMB.
I want you to THINK FOR YOURSELF. If you buy I'll write you a VAMPIRE book if you really want! Or maybe EROTICA! (ha)
The 2nd reason is that I would've got a bit of money ... 35 cents on a Kindle or about 70 cents on a paperback, that would mean anything between 3500 and 7000 dollars! In Hungary that's a lot of money, enough to allow me to concentrate on finding the PERFECT SENTENCE :-)
On the same matter, thanks to Anonymous with an Á, for buying 'Manna-X'.
By the way, whoever you may be reading this post right now, you too can buy it here (I get a little more royalty actually just over 2 dollars for a paperback!) or on or (where I get much less - but at least YOU will have a book which wants you to GROW!). :-)

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