Sunday, June 30, 2013


Finished 3 years of college, finally! While I was waiting for my last oral exam, I asked my fellow students if they'd read one of my books and one of them said "I'd never read one of your 'religion' books."
Religion? My books are anti-establishment, anti-church, anti-politics, anti-civilisation, anti-whatever, but not 'religion' or even 'religious' - what do you expect from L2 students...
So I thought...and I think I'm going to change the name 'God' to 'Reginald' as I had originally planned to do before finishing 'Man by a tree'. I used the word 'God' because I thought that would help the reader but now I see that it might have turned readers those with an old copy of one of my books, you might be holding onto a 'collector's item' if I ever get famous (yeah, right)! So, I'll gradually be changing all the books from now on....might take a few weeks or a month, though.
UPDATE: 'Manna-X' is in the process already, will be ready tomorrow, I hope...:-)

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