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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Long time, no post...

Been travelling to the homeland this last week or two, still there...
I've got a 'Guest Post' on Laurence O'Bryan's website called "Why write at all"...
I'm also in the Summer Open for the Iron Writer Challenge, I don't think I'll go through to the Summer Final, I've been put in a table with 3 authors who know more people than me...:-( My story is great, of course, mainly dialogue and plays around with the BBC and religion/old boy network, and also a little dig at Prudential, calling them 'Crudential' (crude, if ya didn't get it...well, okay, crap Pru, then).
One reader finished 'Manna-X', a young student, and she loved the book, especially the 4 overlords, the relationship between Satan and Lucifer, the...etc, etc :-) Thank you for reading it, Dia :-)
Maybe you guys and girls should read it too :-)

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