Friday, July 19, 2013

Chances, Changes and Ranks

Newspaper Article Chance
Had a few e-mails from a newspaper in England yesterday, but nothing since then. Who knows, huh?
The 'Reginald' Change...
TDX2 has been changed, Manna-X has finally been changed, and Rage, Bethlehem Fiasco and Man by a tree are all edited, and will be going through the process soon.
Looked up my Amazon Author Rating...I was 88,702 at the beginning of July :-) (Kindle 44,259!) that's when I had some sales ...but right now I'm at 388,930 (Kindle 161,544), slipping from a high point of 101,044. Oh, to stay in the top 100,000...such a dream!
But hang on, it gets better.... Literature & Fiction: Top:18,412 Now: 87,650...Science Fiction & Fantasy : Top: 6,287 Now: 16,749...Fantasy: Top: 2,704 Now: 10,234
My word, I like those if I can just get a decent number of sales...:-)

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