Saturday, April 5, 2014

Evelyn, a Modified Dog - Blogging from A-Z Challenge April 2014

Yep, it`s `E` in my personal journey into my Zappa influenced memories and thoughts :-)

Evelyn, a Modified Dog - it just has to be! The imagery is fantastic in this song and brings up a personal 'pet' hate - exactly. I don't think I should move on with this as I may alienate a lot of people. Don't get me wrong, I like pets but it's the concept that  I hate. Imagine dogs were an alien race...we have manipulated, mistreated, abused, misused them like, well, people of other races...oh yeah, no change there, then...:-( We'll never learn...if there was other life in this universe, I'm sure their GPS says, "You are entering an awareness-restrictive zone", when they get near us.
Here's Evelyn....Ooo, this is some animation...
...or I guess you'd rather see a variation by the 'Grande Mothers' :-)

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