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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Quickie 46: "5 years later"

Yep, fantastic DL Zwissler did it again, reading out my TIW Weekend Quickie No.46 (and Jordan's, etc).
Okay, so, she needs some acting practise but HEY! She read it out :-)
Hear it here on the Monday show of "Lost & Found"....(my story is at 23:28)

...and here it is written down (proofread)...

"5 years later" (TIW WQ46)

(elements - image - alien baby, element - 5 years later, emotion - denial)

"Ah-ha! I finally found it!" Josh threw down a black half-filled binliner on the shop counter.
"What'ya find, Josh?" Berk picked at his teeth with his fish knife.
"You goddamn know exactly what I found! 5 years it's taken me! 5 years I struggled an' suffered in this damn town because did what you did!" The bedraggled old man dropped his spade, took off his gloves and delved into the bag.
"I've no idea what you're on about. I'll ring the nuthouse again, they're doing a special, call and get a straightjacket free." Berk moved to his fingernails.
"You can't deny this anymore, Berk! I've got evidence! I found what you took away that night, 5 years ago!" Josh's hands clasped on something metal and pulled out a cylindrical container. "Now no one will call me crazy ever again!"
"Get that dirty thing off my counter," mumbled Berk, still uninterested.
"No! Not until you see it! Not until you admit I was right!" He ripped open the lid and poured the contents in front of them. "See! Now can you say I'm crazy? It's an alien, an alien baby! They came, we saw...yuck!"
"What d'ya expect, 5 years later?"

You can see it here on the TIW website, along with the others :-)

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