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Friday, June 5, 2015

More TIW Weekend Quickies...

I'm trying to catch up with the Iron Writer Weekend Quickies, I have 12 to go...but here are two of my latest...
(I'm on almost 6000 words on the new book, getting there)

WQ 110 (109) - Spongebob Squarepants, A skillet, A grandma wearing a tutu, 200 words

"Look, I'm not a chef, don't blame me," said Tony. "I'm no Spongebob Squarepants who can whip up a crabby patty in the blink of an eye. I need some time to get... acclimatized to the situation... now, where is the flour?" He searched the kitchen, opening all the cupboard doors but finding nothing.
"We all have to do our part, Tony. She's your grandma. We made a deal, today I have to take the kids to the performance, while you make your grandma her usual morning pancakes." She grabbed the car keys and headed for the door.
"Okay, okay, that's fine, but where's the skillet?" Tony stood there, an apron half-tied around his waist. She came back, sorted out the knot and took down the skillet from the rack.
"Anything else? Kids! We're off!"
"Okay, mum!" came a reply from upstairs.
Grandma walked into the room from the garden, a fairy wand in one hand, a plastic tiara  in her hair and wearing a ballet outfit, complete with shoes and tutu.
"I've just been over to the neighbors and wished the dog away. Damn barking kept me awake all night."
"Yes, grandma. Any idea where the maple syrup is?"

WQ 111 (Sunday) – Big Screen TV, The Avengers, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, The Red Sea. 150 Words        

“But come on, I want a ‘Big Screen TV’ that takes up the whole wall so I can watch ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Age of Ultron’ on.,.on…on a ‘Big Screen TV’! Just like in the cinema! And have big whopping speakers to get that big fat Dolby Surround Sound!”
“The chances of you getting a ‘Big Screen TV’ are the same as you parting the Red Sea.”
“What do I work all week for, eh? So I can come home every night and watch some shit on this measly piece of crap!” Tucker threw his empty beer can at the television, narrowly missing the screen and hitting the cat. “Why can’t I finish my day watching a ‘Big Screen TV’?’
‘Because you work at Walmart.”
“Oh yeah.” Tucker sighed and flicked the channel.
“You want a grilled cheese sandwich?”
Tucker sat there, watching a ‘Friends’ repeat. “Yeah, alright.”

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