Friday, July 31, 2015

Cecil the Lion or Mugabe the Dictator?

This Cecil story is bigger than just a dumbass American dentist paying $55,000 to hunt a lion.
Firstly, there are the Zimbabweans...they don't care much about lions, they don't even know who Cecil was...says ''...and that lions kill and dismember "hundreds and thousands of babies" every year...yeah, right.
More like there's something wrong with the country, thanks to the Zimbabwean leader, Mugabe. It's an African country, come on, corruption is ripe. For his birthday, he had a $1million 'zoo food' celebration. WTF? In the early 2000s, he killed off more than 80% of the wildlife of the country with his new legislation to help the country...funny how the people are even poorer than they were before...
so, Zimbabwe...80% unemployment rate, insane monetary inflation and a hugely corrupt government.

It'll all blow over soon...Zimbabwe doesn't want this kind of publicity, Walter Palmer will need to extract teeth again...

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