Friday, July 31, 2015

What's wrong with movies nowadays?

I tell ya, the SCRIPTWRITERS!, love 'em, they make fantastic points about movies nowadays...

It basically comes down to creating 'action' movies and sequels and creating stuff which people will go and see again and again and are the 6 main points...

1. No One Has Any Fear of Death
2. Movie Villains Can Instantly Pick Up The Skills Of The Heroes
3. Everyone Gets Magic Expositional Plot Visions
4. "Kickass" Female Characters that don't really do anything
5. Main Characters are now fated to be Heros
6. Characters are Aware that their movies are Ridiculous

I've watched these movies they're talking about. They're fine for the Popcorn people, but as stories they suck BIG TIME.
When will the Movie industry grow up and take some real stories and make them into mine :-)
In "How to Build a Castle in 7 Easy Steps", I can take all those 6 points (well, the 1st 5 because the 6th is for movies) and say I broke all of them.

1. Everyone has a fear of Death (other than the odd crazy)
2. The villians don't pick up the skills of the heroes
3. No one has any 'magic expositional plot visions'.
4. "Kickass" female characters DO kickass!
5. Main characters are basically trying to survive the book, one is hungry, the other is bouncing from one situation to another.

So there :-)

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