Friday, November 20, 2015

One Step Away...from Repetition of History

About 6 months BEFORE the immigrants came through Europe, the Hungarian Government in their ultimate wisdom ran an anti-immigrant countrywide billboard propaganda campaign using tax-payers money. BEFORE. It was quite nasty. I thought I might have to wear a star or something, with "immigrant" written all over it, seeing as I'm a Brit here.
Then the immigrants came through and things REALLY got nasty. And now the terrorist attacks...which actually don't have much connection with the recent immigrant surge, but there ya go, and now Donald Trump has put his tuppence in, with the database idea...I think perhaps I've found the star that he and many others might be happy with...brings back memories for a few, I guess...

There will always be a few arseholes who have no respect for life and destroy everything.
We shouldn't discriminate others because of them. Where is our common sense? We are all the same people, only with different beliefs and ideas, nothing more. No God tells you to kill...if one exists, that is...oh, look at all those the sky...

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