Saturday, November 21, 2015

WQ 143 and Update!

And here's the weekly Iron Writer Weekend 200 word Quickie!
We were told to try something hard and not go the easy I tried...hard.

Firefly & Wisp October (?) issue coming out very soon!
Doing a collaboration!
Working on How to 2...
But first, here's...

Weekend Quickie 143...
(to see some others, here's the
Elements: image of an old man sitting on a bench, a sentiment from any song by Pink Floyd, Introspection

The feeling was so... wrong for him. What was this? Introspection? He raised his jacket collar, trying to hide any fact that he was thinking or feeling anything he shouldn't have been from the others as he walked amongst them through the streets. He remembered the old guy in the flat cap from yesterday. They'd followed him around for a while before beating the shit out of him after he'd sat down on a bench in the park. What got him was how that Pink Floyd song, 'Comfortably Numb' kept coming into his mind while his steel-toed boot smashed the old guy's hip into smithereens. That song created sentiments of pity and remorse within him using lyrics written by middle class gits for 'aren't I so cool' long haired dorks with no sense of the reality he knew all too well. The reality of the fist. Was he getting soft? Was he starting to feel something for those they relieved of their sad, petty lives? Tonight's mission was a four member immigrant family, spotted some hours ago moving away from the train station, heading towards the city centre. Easy targets. Maybe he'd hold back a little tonight. Nah. Stuff 'em.

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