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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Big Publishing Houses and how they control the market?

One of my books is free for 2 days...please go and get it :-)

Yes, this is my only way to be seen in the literature world, the BIG guys have HUGE marketing budgets to sell their stuff and "lo-and-behold", those books become Bestsellers...*steps back in amazement*.

I was once part of, a HarperCollins attempt at sifting through the shit they get every day from 'hope to be an author' people. Unfortunately, it rarely worked properly, people were able to 'work' the system and get shit to the "Editor". There were a few gems but none were taken.

So I looked at HarperCollins new 'Champion', a Joanna Cannon with her debut novel "The Trouble With Goats and Sheep". Firstly, I tried to get the "Free Sampler" on but because I'm here in Europe, I can't get it from there. So I tried Here is a screenshot of the 'free sampler'. See a problem? It's not free. Plus the cover is pretty bad. It says 'I'm a literature book with a capital 'L', oh yeah'.

So I read the "Look Inside". One page. I have SO MANY PROBLEMS with this one page, it makes me FURIOUS as a philologist, indie writer and reader of a million titles. Is this what the BIG guys want you to think is GOOD? Is this what they GIVE as GOOD?

The 'free sampler' ($2.54) has no reviews but a TON of one-liners from other BIG authors. Let's look at the first supporter...Sarah Winman, she wrote "When God was a Rabbit"...right, 40% of reviews are 3 stars or below...haters gonna hate...that's just ONE of the 'supporters' of HarperCollins new 'Champion'...I bet if I dug a little, I'd find a HUGE NETWORK of 'Bestseller' authors from BIG publishing houses all supporting each other's stuff to make YOU THINK that this type of writing is GOOD...So, now I know what my next task is...Muhahaha!

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