Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WQ149 - 12 Days of Christmas...3rd day...

It's the 3rd day of 12...the Iron Writer Quickie special is heating up.
Today is WQ149, but based on the 10th day of Christmas...10 Lords 'a' leaping? Well, looking at the elements, no such thing, BUT they suit my little story. So, here's the continuation! (see yesterday's post for Parts 1 and 2). 250 words, elements are guards, a fence and 'above the law'.
Here's the link to the website to see my story and others' work (it says WQ148 at the mo)...
And here's my Part 3 here...

Part 3

As the night passed and the morning began, a cool dawn wind blew as they moved by the outer hovels built by the poorest of their folk. Not one man showed signs of slowing the pace and so they made their way, over rough and high land to their quarry.
Some time later, they came upon a fence, taller than any of them, and which stretched as far as the eye could see in both directions. The first warrior stepped forwards and with his large machete, slashed a hole big enough for a man into the fence. One by one, they went through, only to be stopped by the sight of a squad of guards, twenty and four head, standing some distance away.
“You are trespassing on royal ground! Lay down your weapons and leave!” shouted one guard. Without a glance towards each other, all five men continued their march. “Halt! In the name of the Empress, I demand you to stop!” shouted the same guard, hand on his sword, at the ready. The five warriors continued their march without pause. The guards unsheathed their weapons and blocked the way. “In the name of the law, I demand you to halt!”
Feyle stepped forwards and sliced the man’s head off. The dead man’s comrades watched in horror as it fell to the ground. “We are above the law,” grimaced Feyle, and with that, his four fellow warriors tore through the crowd. Blood was spilt, limbs were lost, lives were taken.

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