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Saturday, February 13, 2016

#Kickstarter #althil5 Alternate Hilarities 5 + WQ166

I've got a short story ('Afterlife's a Bitch') in "Alternative Hilarities 5: One Star Reviews of the Afterlife"! Yep! And it was quite hard to be accepted. It was rejected at first, then I swallowed my pride, worked on the problems (because for once, the rejection letter had them written down) and 'Hey Presto!', I was in!
It has a Kickstarter over here...if you have a spare dollar or two, that would be fantastic. We must try to beat these monopolizing Big Boy Publishers giving the Masses 'crap in a cover'. Support Indies!

And yes, of course, a little 200 word story...Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 166... too!...

Elements: Use the phrase,"What were you thinking?", Bending the rules, Dynamic equilibrium

"WhAt arE yOu doIng?" it asked.
"I'm doing what I want to do," he replied. "...squeeze the toothpaste in the middle..."
"Don'T dO It, DaVe, sHe woN't liKe iT!"
"What's the matter? I'm not breaking any rules, just 'bending' them. What's the harm in that? ...leave the toilet seat up..."
"No, DavE, sHe'll blOw heR toP!"
"...some hair left in the brush...a bit of toothpaste on the side of the sink..."
"DaVe, stOp nOw!"
"I can't help it, I've had enough. I feel I've been running up an escalator that's forever going down. It's killing, I need to do this!"
"I cAn seE thAt, DavE. DynAmic equiLibrium, thAt's whaT yOu're deScribing, DynaM..."
"I don't care what it's called. I have to do these things! Every one I do loosens the chains...shavings in the plughole..." Dave stood back and looked at his work. "There, it's done."
"WhAt weRe yOu thiNking, DAve?"
"Look, conscience, I've had enough of your bickering. Sure, she's not gonna like it, but hey, I feel so free!" The front door opened and in walked Dave's wife after a hard day at work.
"OH, dEar."
People could see the explosion from as far away as Canada.

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