Saturday, February 13, 2016

Self-proclaimed Bestselling Authors on Amazon...Grrrr!

I can't name names because I'll get inundated with 'hate mail' and a ton of bad reviews on my own books. There are THOUSANDS, yes, THOUSANDS of 'writers' on Amazon - I'm stretching the definition of 'writer' here to mean 'someone who can put two or more words together to make a sentence and bunch them all up to look like a book' - who self-proclaim themselves 'Bestselling Author'.
These 'people' bring the whole Indie Author Market down to the piece of crap they are. Wow, you can collect some words and run it through Createspace, make up a name for your 'indie press' and call yourself  'bestselling'. I would say 99% of all these writers' books are shit. Yep. Shit. Thanks, guys and gals, for making it IMPOSSIBLE for people like myself who like to write and TRY TO DO IT WELL to break into the REAL market and get known.
Here's a nice little letter for you...

Dear Self-proclaimed Bestselling Amazon Author with 'Made up Publishing Press',

You are the chaff in the wheat. Over time, you will disappear. Others will follow in your footsteps, so we will never be rid of your kind. Especially when the 'REAL' Bestselling authors are created by expensive marketing and a continous 'dumbing down' of the reading masses with clone after clone, making the general readership unable to find a good book within the Amazon market. You think you can write but you can't. Please stop. But you won't, will you? The same level of knowledge that makes you realise you are good at something is the same level that doesn't - if you're crap at something, you won't know.
But there is one thing... you keep cover graphic designers in business. Not self-proclaimed editors, though, that's for sure.

All the best,

Dani J Caile

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