Sunday, May 8, 2016

WQ178 + update

Almost up to 30,000 with the new novel's first draft...but then there's the plot check, storyline, character check, name check, runthrough 2,458...etc
I'm also doing the 2016 Writers Games, 7 weeks with 7 stories... was the Practise Event this week. It's rather like the Iron Writer, with set elements, word limit and genre but somehow you are given points from judges...I don't know how it'll work, but will be interesting to see how I do.
Anyway...Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 178 is up!

And here's my take...

WQ178 - image above, time, vanity, juxtaposed

"Your skill of flying helicopters is juxtaposed with your inability to drive a car, Cuthbert," said Lord Farquhar. His butler flew a few feet over the city traffic, missing the jam below.
"I try my best, sir," said Cuthbert the butler. "I do prefer the air. Cars are so 'grounded'."
"Not when you're driving them," said Lord Farquhar. "How are we doing for time?"
"Time, sir, is relative."
"No, Lady Bertwaite is a relative and there'll be hell to pay if I'm late! Oh, the vanity of the woman, to hold a banquet in the city on the top of the most prestigious hotel in rush hour!"
"One minute, sir, and we'll be there. I'm afraid, sir, you may have to use the rope ladder."
"Oh, you scoundrel, Cuthbert. The indignity of it all!"
"Perhaps there is another option, sir. If I can get close enough..." They'd reached the building and Cuthbert took the helicopter to the top. "Sir?"
"Jump!" He opened the door and pushed Lord Farquhar out, allowing him to roll onto the rooftop and make a dramatic entrance.
"Oh, bravo, Cuthbert, bravo!" Lord Farquhar waved the helicopter away and strolled proudly on through the applauding crowd.

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