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Saturday, May 14, 2016

WQ179 and the Writers Games 2016

Entered my first story for the Writers Games 2016...unfortunately, due to the rules, I can't show it until the tournament is over (unless I win one Event and they post it themselves...chance is highly unlikely)
AND it's time for the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie!
Here is the link to the site and other 200 word miracles...
...and here's mine reproduced on this little blog :-)

WQ179 - image above, an old widow, insight, a sleepless night

"Did you hear about ol' Mrs Kompelsmitzen?"
"Isn't that the old widow who lives at No.5?"
"What? Did the old Kraut finally kick the bucket, then?"
"Not for lack of trying. She smoked more than your ol' banger!"
"Watch it, boyo. How old was she?"
"I think someone estimated her age to be around 102, give or take a year."
"Wow. For a smoker, you'd think she'd have gone long ago."
"Tough as old nails. You know, they couldn't prove it, but they said she was a concentration camp guard back in the war."
"What war?"
"THE war, you know, World War Two, Hitler and the Jews and all that?"
"Did you go to school?"
"Where did you go?"
"To the pub."
"So? The old Kraut?"
"Oh yeah, well apparently after cooking a nice, stinkingly large portion of cabbage and noodles, she got stomach problems. Her neighbours said they could hear her flatulence problems through the walls and listened to her shouting and pacing for hours. They all had a sleepless night."
"So, she died of wind?"
"You could say that. She'd be alive If she'd had the insight to not light her morning cigarette..."

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