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Monday, May 21, 2018

Anthologies are Fantastic!

If it wasn't for anthologies, Dani J Caile would have been lost in time with a few unrecognised cracked masterpieces and some collections of short stories.
But anthologies are fantastic! They're the lifeblood of many unknown writers including myself.
I have another novel coming out soon, a wait of almost 2 years, but hey, it's coming out, but before that, here's a short rundown of these fantastic anthologies.

Most Recent Anthologies
These are the ones which are up in the charts at the moment and keeping ol' Dani's Amazon Ranking up above 200k. I also edited 'Baby Shoes'.

Publisher Anthologies
These two anthologies are from my publishers, Line by Lion and Three Fates Press. 'Circuits & Steam' is only available in paperback and it's a fantastic Steampunk collection.

Other Great Anthologies
Here are some which I was able to get into, and these are also great! Unfortunately, 'One Star Reviews of the Afterlife' is out of print, but if you'd like to read the story, I can send it to you :-)

Ironology 2014-2017
There 4 titles are based on a competition which had challenges with elements, and I have tons of short stories in these. They are filled with stories from over a hundred different writers through the years, all 'Iron Writers'!

The Indie Collaboration
I have some stories in these anthologies put together by this wonderful group of writers, all trying to break into the market. These are cool.

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