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Monday, September 7, 2020

Book 3 - Farkas Alpha, available for Pre-Order + Gubacsi Dulu 5th review! 5*

 Yes, Farkas Alpha, Book 3 in my sci-fi Humanity H2O, is now available for Pre-Order! It'll come out on my birthday (January 11th 2020).

Of course it's not written yet, but the ideas are rolling through my mind and the setting, general plot and message are already set. It will only take me a few months to write out the first draft and hopefully the deadline will push me on to finish this fantastic sci-fi series. I already have a nice cover, as you can see.

And can you see on the right? I've added my 'accolade', Gubacsi Dulu getting a #1 New Release orange banner... a big thing for little 'ol me!

And another little thing which is big for me... another review for Gubacsi Dulu! The 5th! And a 5 star! As you can see, Amazon are weighing the one poor (poorly spelt, bad grammar and 1 star) review heavily in the rating. Three 5*, one 3* and one 1* = 3.6 out of 5? At that rate, I'll need two more 5 stars to push it over 4 out of 5, IF I'm lucky, probably three more. Anyway, THANK YOU, whoever you are, for the 5 stars!


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