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Sunday, September 6, 2020

KENP is a Wonderful thing!

 KENP...Kindle Edition Normalized Pages... what's that, you say? Well, if you're a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read whatever is on Amazon for 'free' - for the price of the membership fee, of course. And there are lot of people, I guess, who are members.

And do you know, some members of Kindle Unlimited from the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia are reading Gubacsi Dulu! This is so wonderful for me to see. I have no idea whether anyone is reading the whole book, how many people are reading it, all I can see is the amount of pages they have turned. It's not a lot... so far... but it's enough to say 'Hey, I can go get a pint with that!' - which of course I wouldn't, I'd probably go out to an antikv√°rium and find another ancient classic book to sink my teeth into...yummy.

So this is yet another first for me, really. I have had pages read before, but not in this quantity.

Gubacsi Dulu is still stuck on 4 reviews globally, needs a little help if you can!

And Radnoti X is available to Pre-Order! I have some... but not enough for a pint... ancient classic book! All I can say at the momentr is... it's even more claustrophobic and full of goodies than the first!

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