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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Gubacsi Dulu... 25 ratings (a new 5 star!)

 It was a slow weekend (slightly ill but still working on Farkas Alpha), with KENP moving along (thank you, whoever you are!) and half a dozen sales (thank you!), and Gubacsi Dulu also recieved another 5 star rating on Thank you to all who made me reach 25 ratings (15 reviews)!

But there's still room for more! And Radnoti X is going to 'hit the streets' soon! It's still at #2 New Release in Children's Steampunk (really, I put all 3 books in Juvenile Steampunk but I guess Amazon only has Children's as a category)

Some people have already asked me, the 'X' in it 'X' or 'ten'? The latter. I already have an older novel called 'Manna-X', where the 'X' was 'x'. It's a small part of conceptual continuity (Frank Zappa) I mentioned earlier...

And in that and pre-orders are welcome!

Humanity H2O series...

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