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Thursday, October 8, 2020

All three books together...! (okay, no but actually yes)

 Still on the small cloud of success... in one of the subcategories, all three of my books in the Humanity H2O series can be seen together!


See? I wasn't lying... okay, Gubasci is #10 in Children's Steampunk and Radnoti X and Farkas Alpha are #1 and #3 New Releases respectively.

Early days for Radnoti X reviews... I wonder... you see, I'm not just a writer, I also love to 'experiment' with psychology, I've read some, love to dabble (educated, you see, academic and all that bull)... and the number of stars given to the books actually shows... I can't say yet, let them come in first, but looking at the reviews of Gubacsi Dulu (not the ratings only because there's no evidence of anything, no real feedback from the reader), it is working. Radnoti is another punch at the [censored]. And Farkas Alpha will be the finale... it will be interesting once it all calms down and I'm able to make a full study. For sure there will be a range of reviews. I don't like it, but that's how it goes.

These three books aren't your usual trash sci-fi...

Come and get the series. See what YOU think (read that again, maybe I'm not writing those four words the way you think I am... lol)

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