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Friday, October 9, 2020

Gubacsi Dulu rating 34... not so good, not so bad...

 Rating number 34 appeared yesterday... only a 3 star rating without review, I think, from what I can make from the figures.

And still no review or rating for Radnoti X yet... it's nerve-racking! Though Book 2 keeps going in and out of the #1 New Release spot, with Farkas Alpha not far behind. 

Not only have there been new sales for Radnoti X, there are also some numbers coming up in KENP, which I hope are people who liked Book 1... let's hope those 1 star / 2 star people didn't come back for more punishment.

Anyway, Radnoti X... if you've read it, please leave a review/rating! ... a review would be better, so that I can get some feedback... on the 'book'... Thank you!

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