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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Radnoti X Countdown - 1 day to go (5th October 2020)

I'm a little nervous, actually. After the (great) success of Gubacsi Dulu, book 1 (for myself it was!), I'm a little concerned about how book 2 will be taken. My Beta readers loved it but how about those people who didn't 'get' the first book? Will they be on hand yet again to deal the book their lethal blow of 1 star / 2 star reviews? Will their ignorance destroy the success, if any? Will my message get across to those who understand? These things a writer can only hope. Well over 1200 copies of Gubacsi Dulu were bought, read or downloaded for free, and as of this moment, it has 31 ratings with a 3.8 average... the most ratings (and the worst for one of my books) so far. Will Radnoti fair better? Or worse? Will readers see where the story is going?

Questions, questions, questions... and I'm still working on Book 3, up to about 15,000 words so far. 

Help me out! Come and rate / review Gubacsi Dulu! Come and Pre-Order Radnoti X and Farkas Alpha! I'll try to coordinate the paperback publishing with the ebook release (just in case).

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